As a parent of a competitive child athlete, the challenge will always be to curb the criticism. There will always be those inevitable moments of disappointment, frustration, and recognizing what your child could have done better.

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What is The 1% Mindset

The 1% program is designed to force each client out of comfort and redefine their personal expectations. Coach Dayne will increase your rate of success by improving your mental strength, self confidence, and creating intentional winning habits.

  • With a driving force to help others live a life of confidence and passion – all of Dayne's coaching is aimed at eliminating the acceptance of mediocrity and elevating our expectations for what we are capable of achieving – through focus and dedication. He wakes up every morning at 4:00, as an example for his daughter, proving that whatever we want in life is dictated by our willingness to sacrifice, embrace struggle, and never quit.

Coach Dayne Gingrich


One thing I’ve learned through my struggles – the bottom can be your secret sauce, if used properly. While most run from it, I challenge you Master Your Bottom.

What To Expect

Realize individual purpose.

Develop a compelling vision, both short and long term.

Develop visualization skills, helping manifest desired results.

Improve self-talk, and how it affects emotion and habitual action.

Develop a compelling vision, both short and long term.

Identify and eliminate self doubt.

Raise the bar on personal expectations.

Develop a compelling vision, both short and long term.

Learn how to mentally prepare for stressful situations.

Create an intentional focus towards personal and team goals.


Who Coach Dayne Works With


Whether in person, by phone, or Skype, Coach Dayne will alter your belief system, helping you view barriers as opportunities to ignite success. He’ll teach you the power in working backwards from your desired goals to the present, turning fear and doubt into sustained confidence. Each session is personalized and designed towards your specific wants and needs.


Dayne brings his 1% Mindset to the team environment, teaching how a shift in selfless commitment will transform any program. In athletics or business, the team’s success is connected by each player’s understanding of “we over me.” One mind, one team.


Creating a culture of success begins with the leaders – high expectations, a positive mindset, and open communication of ideas begins with the top. When risk is rewarded and striving for more is the model, each team member benefits. While they may forget what you say, they will never forget how you make them feel.


It’s all about changing as many lives as possible and bringing an elevated mindset to the masses. Speaking with your group is a great way to have everyone in your organization share in Coach Dayne’s contagious enthusiasm. With a high intensity style and energetic personality, he will grab your audience and engage your group to facilitate communication and transformation. Dayne is available to speak to teams, athletic programs, coaches, or businesses.

“What would Steve Jobs do? How did Michael Jordan respond when facing adversity? Or, insert your favorite role-model. Would they be able to rise to the occasion if in your shoes, facing the same challenges? Enter Coach Dayne. Through his theme of the “1% Mindset,” he compels professionals to expect more from themselves. He oozes positivity, enthusiasm, high energy and a will-do attitude. Successful sales professionals are typically hardworking, with an ability to persevere. Even the very best will experience rejection. And often. The elite equip themselves with a confident (not cocky) swagger. Further, they commit to adherence of a strict process to conquer the attainment of their “stretch” goals. Nothing is left to chance. Dayne encompasses this entire outlook and refreshes the mind during his work-sessions. Being in a position of sales leadership at one of the fastest growing companies in the country, it pleases me greatly to know that my team meets with him on a regular basis. It’s not uncommon for me to hear, “Greg, when is my next session with Dayne?” He is super competitive, accustomed to winning, and carries a down-to-earth friendly personalty. His passion for excellence is contagious. High praise.”Greg Resin | Manager, Sales Development with Invoca
“I have always been passionate, determined and hungry for success. However, it wasn’t until I met Coach Dayne did I know the true meaning behind those emotions. I have a great team of support helping me reach my goals on and off the golf course, and I am incredibly thankful to have a coach like CoachDayne a part of my team. He completely changed my mindset, both as an athlete, and in my everyday life.”Chelsea Kinard | Professional Golfer
“In my transition to becoming a DI athlete, I was in need of a way to maximize my full potential. Coach Dayne was the last piece of the puzzle of success. The knowledge and focus I have gained with Dayne has been a breakthrough in my athletic career.”Marina Boulanger | Team captain - FIU beach volleyball
“There are times in our lives that no matter how motivated or driven you may be, the energy, passion, and push from someone else is required to elevate you to another level. Whether speaking to individuals on a personal quest for greatness, business teams desiring to increase productivity and morale, or athletic programs who must come together for a single driven purpose to be the best, Coach Dayne has the ability to ignite a fire within.”Heather Stewart | Coach, Speaker & Mentor
“If anyone wants success in their life, a valuable and PRACTICED mindset is key. All great leaders and elite athletes have the 1% Mindset. Coach Dayne teaches me the most efficient ways to be a champion in my business life, as well as the golf course. This mindset can’t be overlooked – it’s the most important piece to all great successes in life. I love every day Dayne and I talk – it gives me purpose and clarity!”Nicole Elliott | Assignment Editor, ESPN Former Connecticut Women’s Golf Association Champion
“One could be skeptical – how much impact could a mental strength coach provide to a strong athlete who’s already heard all the cliches? We lived it first hand, the most radical short term results one can barely dream of. Our daughter was a national level beach volleyball player being recruited by DI programs, but often played below her level in certain situations. Coach Dayne turned weakness into strength in just a few sessions. The results weren’t subtle, but dramatic and extremely tangible – as if she learned a new masterful shot. Purposeful focus, pressure situations, match intensity, practice intensity, scrutiny from coaches and recruiters, intimidating crowds — all issues somehow resolved. How’s this done, or even possible? Only Coach Dayne knows for sure, but my simple theory: Dayne’s natural and nurtured gift. It would be silly not to keep that much fire power on our side, so my daughter and Dayne continue their sessions while she competes at a top college DI level. She’s earned her way to the #1 spot on the team as a freshman … Like I said – TANGIBLE results! Also, double thanks to Dayne for connecting her mental skills to the classroom – Straight A’s. I love these 2-for-1 deals.” Pierre and Alexia Boulanger
“Anyone looking to leave the world of mediocrity needs to talk with Coach Dayne. The wealth of knowledge he possesses regarding fearless, fulfilling lifestyles is second to none, and can be a true blessing to anyone willing to make beneficial changes in their lives.” Jack Perry | All-American, Northwestern University Golf Touring Professional
“Coach Dayne is hype, energetic, and a very passionate coach. He’s helped me learn to express myself and push me to grasp the 1% Mindset, allowing me to BE what I am capable of being. We’ve had many deep and often uncomfortably honest conversations, making me open my eyes to the possibilities, rather than the fears of failure and mediocrity. Dayne came into my life at the perfect time – a time when I was ready to grow, receive, and most importantly DECIDE! Our conversations accelerated my growth as a woman, an athlete, and most importantly, as Nicole Charlene Davis. Thank you, Coach Dayne!”Nicole Davis | Former Georgia State Sprinter Currently training for 2016 Olympics
“Dayne has made me understand that ‘routine’ has worked to achieve a reasonable amount of success, but it can also become stagnant, and needs to be shaken up and refocused. He’s helping me find my Why and reevaluate the last 30 years of my life dedicated to golf, and what’s it all meant. Being addicted to the ‘challenge’ has what it’s always been about for me – Coach Dayne has reignited the flame to get back to work, and not settle for staying where I am, or the success I’ve had in the past. ”Kevin Marsh | Masters participant - US Mid-Am Champ - Cal State Am Champ - 2 time SCGA Am Champ - 3 time Stocker Cup Champ
“Coach Dayne and his 1% Mindset is truly one of the greatest things to ever happen to me – he’s forever changed my life. He’s a brilliant coach, who forced me (the most in-the-box thinkers) to branch out and make my entire world connect. He took my passion, work ethic, and instincts I had on the soccer field and helped translate them in the classroom, as well. I’m now at Charleston Southern University in the Athletic Training program, one of the most grueling challenges of my life. Dayne has helped me switch my mindset from looking at how difficult the program is, to absolutely loving it! If it wasn’t for our sessions, and the visualization techniques he taught me in particular, I wouldn’t be here. Dayne’s an incredible, caring coach, and I’d encourage anyone who wants to reach a higher level in their lives to reach out to him – he’ll help you with any hurdle you’re facing.” Hanna Zech
“Coach Dayne has absolutely transformed the way in which I tackle obstacles that life throws at me. His passion for what he does and what he believes in is truly amazing – I can’t thank him enough for how he’s changed my mindset. He’s taught me that anything’s possible for those who believe and take action to MAKE it happen. I live the 1% Lifestyle always!” Amy Logan | Former college tennis player. Co-Founder/Marketing Director, Joji Bags
“Coach Dayne and the 1% Mindset has changed my life. I’ve always been a goal-setter and one who takes action, however Dayne has made me realize I have another gear! He’s not just going to scratch the surface of a problem … he’s going STRAIGHT TO THE ROOT. Dayne has an uncanny way of getting you to answer the all-important question of ‘Why??’ If you want to kick your life into overdrive, call Coach Dayne!”Nic Drezins | President, eGolfplan.com Director of Junior Golf Development, Rob Noel Golf Academy
“Coach Dayne is a step above the rest. His passion is obvious the second you meet him. He helped me in less than 30 minutes answer my most challenging question: ‘Why do I do what I do?’ It propelled me to the next level of my business, instantly giving me focus and clarity, removing all confusion. Nothing can stand in my way, now!”Dustin Alliano | Owner, Superior Fitness Center
“Dayne’s zeal and passion for his students and peers is remarkable. If you’re up for a challenge and ready to go ‘All-in,’ you’ve found the right guy for the job. As blessed and talented as Coach Dayne is at speaking, coaching, and challenging the status quo, this isn’t what separates him from the countless number of other “mental gurus.” Dayne is a man defined by his faith, integrity, and character. He’s honest, trustworthy, and full of knowledge and intensity. I’m honored to call Dayne more than just a coach … he’s a friend.”Billy Barbour | Professional golfer
“It’s amazing how little time it’s taken Coach Dayne to help me change my thinking from average to the 1% Mindset – going day-by-day, to now focusing ahead and seeing what my efforts NOW will do for my FUTURE. Then: I loved to oversleep. Now: Waking up earlier is the advantage I have over my competition. Then: I was afraid to take chances. Now: Risking failure is the single best way of getting better. Then: Training was just a way to play soccer. Now: Training and improving isn’t just something I do … it’s who I am!”Geoffrey Chappaz | High school soccer phenom
“Coach Dayne has helped me find my Why and eliminate my self doubt. Implementing his 1% Mindset has helped me change my ‘maybes’ into ‘I WILL.’ After giving him the news of a serious injury I suffered to my back, he told me it’s part of the process – ‘create a passion for the pain and stay mentally strong,’ he continually reminded me. Frequent talks with Dayne makes me feel like I can conquer anything, and in my opinion, is why I recovered 6 months ahead of schedule. Professional and thought provoking is how I’d describe Coach Dayne’s 1% program. I encourage everyone to talk with him and be amazed as I was. Thanks, Coach D!” Javan Weekes | Barbados basketball player
“Coach Dayne’s training has been life changing – he sets the bar extremely high. I’ve been taught the 1% Mindset is about sacrifice, unmatched work ethic, and focus. We decided that ‘impossible’ is just a challenge, and we need to be driven by it! Anything is possible if you refuse to quit.” Alex Marsh | Division II Golfer. UK junior golfer Qualified 2013 World Championships Recruited to US college golf – 2014
“Very few people we meet have the power to change our lives simply with their energy. When I was fortunate to cross paths with Dayne on Twitter his passion came screaming through the phone. During my pursuit of the 2012 Olympics games I relied heavily on him for guidance, direction and motivation. He lives with a purpose, power and passion that enriches and changes lives. A dedicated family man, coach, friend, mentor and child of God, Dayne is exemplary of what it means to be a Christian. I am honored, humbled and grateful to call him a friend. He embodies what it means to truly live the 1% lifestyle. We should all follow his lead … ”Tyrone Ross
Well, what can I say about coach Dayne… Other than that he is simply amazing. We’ve been working on something for a while now… I was injured… And could only work on my mental game.. Which is basically the most important part. I am a professional. I am a professional golfer. And he gave me the guidelines to make something happen even before I stepped foot on a golf course… The first round of 18 holes I played.. I shot even par. I hadn’t played a round of 18 in over 3-1/2 months… THAT is 1% mindset.McKenzie Lyng | Professional Golfer, Golf Channel's Big Break Contestant
  • Core Values

    These two ideas should be inextricably linked. What do you stand for? What do you aspire to achieve and what will you sacrifice to make it happen? Once your goals align with your core values, you will find your purpose – a powerful force that propels you forward.

  • Vision

    Let your imagination expand beyond what seems possible. Dreams should defy the majority’s definition of realistic. Share your dream with someone every day.

  • Focus

    When you stop to look back, with either pride or regret, you allow the person who’s focused forward to steal the prize. Remain laser focused on the vision, driven by your purpose.



Based out of Santa Barbara, California with clients all over the world. Available to travel for clients or events.



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