“You don’t get out of life, what you want. You get out of life who you are.” – Eric Thomas

 Finally, a globally successful athlete publicly stands on his core values in the face of adversity. The CEO of Steph Curry’s main sponsor, Under Armour publicly supported someone that didn’t align with his personal set of standards. Curry announced his fearlessness to leave that sponsor if they couldn’t bridge the gap.

As of this post, Steph Curry hasn’t made a decision on his next move, but many people think he’ll never leave millions of dollars Under Armour pays him.

I believe this is what separates Curry from the rest.

I believe he would ditch the short term cash for the long term character test.

Most can’t fathom departing from a contract that would pay them more money than they could possibly spend. The reason for this disbelief, unfortunately, is the lack of true character living – making  difficult decisions that’ll take away from their immediate success.

The “get yours at all cost” mentality runs rampant in our society.

Character takes a back seat to greed. Non negotiable standards pause in the face of monetary success.

I applaud Steph for not hiding behind his politically correct counterparts who are too afraid to stand up for what they believe.

The most important lesson we can all learn:

  • Steph Curry didn’t reach the pinnacle of his craft because he spent countless hours in the gym honing his skills.
  • He didn’t defy his naysayers with his sacrifice.
  • He wasn’t handed the NBA’s Most Valuable Player award because he never quit.

Number 30 made it to the top, not because of what he did, but instead, because of who he IS. His consistent, disciplined, non negotiable actions were a result of the level of character he measured himself by.

When I heard about Curry’s stance on ESPN radio, I immediately pulled my car to the side and made THIS VIDEO.

I challenge you to stop focusing on all of your to-do’s and shift your mindset to who you want to become.

What will it take to transform into that person?

What foundational changes will you need to make within your list of priorities?

Do you have the courage to stand strong on your belief system, while adversity attempts to strike you down?

On the other side of your character test, is your greatness.

Until next time, live with purpose!


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2 thoughts on “Success Gives You Who You Are

  1. GEORGE NMN LAWSON 11 months ago

    “You don’t get out of life, what you want. You get out of life who you are.” – Eric Thomas

    Eric Thomas invested in himself and became who he is today. Life is an investment. Where you invest your time, energy, mind, and money is the sum of how your life becomes. I read show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.

    I am no scholar, however, I have done some hard living, both good and bad. The question we must ask ourselves, have we learned and made the rudder check to put ourselves on the right course? Thinking about it is one thing, follow through is the critical choice we all have to make. There is a price to be paid in all that we choose. I made the rudder check, my life is Blessed, I could name many a man and woman who had a hand in helping me pull on that rudder, but the list would be endless.

    Eric Thomas, you hit the nail on the head.
    “You don’t get out of life, what you want. You get out of life who you are.” – Eric Thomas

    Coach John Wooden said it Best, “Make every day your Masterpiece ”

    Thank you

    George Lawson
    USN retired

    1. Dayne Gingrich 11 months ago

      Awesome, George! I totally agree — talking about it is one thing, taking action is where results live. Thank you for your reply and ESPECIALLY your service.

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