“It took me 12 years to get my 4 year college degree.” – Eric Thomas

I can’t continue with the rest of this post until you read the above quote again and digest the resiliency Eric displayed.

Personally, I couldn’t even get through two full years of college before I decided this wasn’t going to work for me. When asked why I never finished, I’ve always explained it away with, “I chose to step into the world of professional tennis.” The┬áreal truth wasn’t tennis, but instead, my lack of confidence and hunger to fight through the struggle that school had consistently presented.

I prematurely chose tennis, because I knew finishing school was going to be the more painful route. Even though I knew I wasn’t physically or mentally ready to enter the big boy arena of professional athletics, it seemed easier than trying to battle through the inevitable quicksand of a four year college degree.

Ever since those immature days of fear driven choices, I’ve committed my life to figuring out what separates the record-breakers from those only talking about breaking records.

Without exception, the highest of achievers have one thing in common: Their ability to outlast time.

Champions are willing to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes, with no guarantee of results.

This is their differentiator.

If I were to promise that by the end of (X) time period, you’d achieve the success you strived for, you’d most likely stick it out, knowing their was a guaranteed light at the end of the frustrsting process.

Eric didn’t know if it was going to take him 8, 12, or 24 years to earn his college degree … he only knew that time wouldn’t win the fight.

It took the founder of Pandora.com 300 failed pitches to investors before he finally found funding.

Sylvester Stallone was rejected 1500 times as he attempted to sell his script and himself for the film, Rocky.


Michael O’Brien, my friend and co-host of our upcoming Mastermind group, has outlasted 15 years since his almost fatal cycling accident. Check out the amazing video he made, recounting his story of resiliency.

The secret to your success isn’t about talent, physical strength, DNA, or family money – it’ll always come down to your ability to outlast time.

Can you withstand the countless number of rejections? Will you ignore the illusion of “I can’t” that awaits many morning wake-ups? Can you take one more step after exhausting all past steps?