“This Mastermind is all about getting stuff done!” -Michael O’Brien

I’m pumped to announce the launch of the 1% Mastermind. Along with fellow life-changer, Michael O’Brien, we’ve created this high level accountability team to help you clarify priorities, build your tribe, and sprint out of comfort.

No man / woman is an island – we need others to help push, challenge, and hold us accountable for goals and visions we set.

For so long, I couldn’t identify who I truly was from the inside out. I knew what I did, but could never articulate my authentic self. With the help of accountability partners, I now know who I AM …

I’m honored to partner with Michael – he spent his former years as a high level executive, but after a near death cycling accident, pivoted his priorities, and is now an executive coach. Our styles are different, but our mission is exactly the same: Help you level up by destroying pain points and eliminating the negative stories your subconscious have made you believe are permanent.

Here’s an example of Michael’s genius …

We’re hand picking and limiting the amount of team members that join the 1% Mastermind. If you’re a difference-maker and want to challenge others to elevate their professional or personal lives, this may be for you.

Let me warn you:

It’ll be intense, focused, and you will be held accountable for getting stuff done!

If you’re ready to take the first step towards the next level, start HERE.

Together, let’s grow our tribe and help catapult each other to heights the 99% believe is impossible to reach.