It’s happening too often: Families at the dinner table, heads down, in their device – texting, tweeting, or checking Facebook.

Speak! For goodness sakes, someone say something!

I’m not throwing stones, trust me – I was that guy at the table, afraid of missing the email that would launch our family into the success stratosphere.

I’m happy to say, however, that’s not our dinner table routine any longer – no electronic devices allowed!

Vocal cords: Have any?

Just at the moment where speaking has been replaced by cramping thumbs, the Anchor Fm app was created.

  • This is NOT an advertisement – I’m not getting paid or even mentioned, for that matter. I’ve actually never written a blog post like this. I’m doing so because I believe Anchor is a game-changer!

I joined yesterday, and am addicted.


Check out this audio I just recorded: The Bottom Is Nothing But A Trampoline.

Imagine this for a second: No typing responses or texting messages. Instead, everything is done through audio. You actually speak to other humans, allowing them to hear inflection, tone, and grab the true meaning behind your words.

How it works:

Record up to a two minute message, called a ‘wave’ — any topic that resonates with you.

To respond to other waves, or join a conversation that speaks to your world, you have one minute to do so.

You can record an unlimited amount of wave replies, quickly becoming an engaging conversation of like-minds.

I’m still exploring the many amazing features on Anchor – can’t wait to share more as I learn more.

It’s a little freaky at first, actually – listening to people’s comments and replies, rather than reading a short, typed message.


What I’ve found, though, is people become more excited, more inspired and engaging when they verbally comment. It seems as if the part of the brain that controls this process is being reborn.

Listen to Angelica’s fire-blazed response to a wave I recorded about producing results in the dark.

If Angelica were to type that reply, it could never have the same power and impact.

On the other side of the spectrum, check out John’s heart felt reply to a wave I recorded about my belief in his vision and authenticity.

Again, if John was only allowed to type, it wouldn’t have had the same emotional connection.

You can actually hear the emotions in their voices.

It’s mind-blowing.

The engagement is like no other – I instantly felt more connected on this platform – it feels real, personal, human.

Anchor is changing the game – the status quo is being challenged as we “speak.” I believe many people are tired of the lack of voice-to-voice interaction. We’re born to connect with others – it’s in our DNA.

We’re here to be heard, to be seen, to be felt.