The featured picture in today’s blog is of Steph Curry, but I assure you, this isn’t a basketball post. This is an in-your-face reminder of what it takes to reach ridiculous levels of greatness.

Let me define in-your-face: It’s the raw, make you feel uncomfortable, un-PC truth.

We live in a soft society, where pain is trumped by comfort, and “level 10” goals are talked about, but rarely worked for.

As my good friend, Sal Petrolino always says …

“Everyone has become soft! No wood to chop, no fish to catch, no cold to fear, no wet to endure. There’s no food to capture or be captured. The hardest thing today is deciding whether or not to get extra foam on my Latte’…”

“I just want to be happy” is the primary focus these days, often thinking this is the end goal. Happiness, conversely, should be an intricate part of each daily sacrifice – sweating for the result, reapplying band aids, wondering when the struggle will stop – all of these should provide happiness.

Fighting for your dreams should bring a smile to your face. Bulldozing insurmountable obstacles should excite you.


When you see Curry raise the MVP trophy above his head, or Elon Musk standing confidently next to his Tesla, you forget (or have no idea) the insane sacrifices they made along the way – the alone time spent in the mirror, affirming their dream when no one else believed.

This chosen path can be a lonely spot – raising your bar to frenetic heights has a way of bringing out the haters. They’ll remind of you of the impossible odds, why you can’t, and how you shouldn’t.

Your PC reply: “I know it’ll be difficult, but I’m going to try my best, work my hardest, and see what happens.”

Your un-PC response: “F-you! Watch me!”

We’re all created equal, Thomas Jefferson stated in the Declaration Of Independence. Unfortunately, he wasn’t speaking to the future champions and world-changers.

In these individuals’ minds, it’s not an equal playing field. They believe you can’t touch them – you’ll never out-work, out-believe, out-hustle, or out-sacrifice them.

Call it arrogance, but without this type of mentality, the iPhone most of you are holding wouldn’t exist.

Call it selfish, but without that mindset, the Microsoft Surface many now own wouldn’t have been born.


Check out Are They Out Of Their Minds, a detailed look at the insanity of the 1% Mindset.

You have a choice to make: Worry about what others think of you, remain PC, trying not to upset anyone, or design a blueprint to take over the world!

May I please suggest the taking-over-the-world option?