One of the most asked questions I get is how to rebound from a loss, daily struggles, or what feels like a forever failure – day after day.

By far, the posts that receive the most engagement for me, whether on Twitter, IG, or FB, is about pain and recovering from “failure.”

I think these posts get so much attention because

  • Many people are obviously struggling.
  • Too many of those people are imprisoned in a victim’s mindset.

They resonate heavily because it’s easy to fall into the trap of “Whoa’s me – it’s too hard, life’s unfair.”

I do believe many are truly looking for answers to relieve themselves of the pain they’re feeling, but I also know … because I was one of them … many also find it comforting to talk about how difficult times are.

So, when I’m asked about how to recover from being punched in the face, daily, my answer is always the same:

Change your mentality! 

Alter the way you look at strife, and realize your bottom is one of the most powerful places you can reside, IF your mindset is aligned with that fact.

Check out Master Your Bottom, a quick audio I made, focusing on this exact concept.

Nine years ago, I planned my suicide – trust me, I know exactly how it feels to want to quit.


The only way I made it to the other side was by shifting the way I viewed the hardship. I began looking at obstacles as opportunities and challenges. I tapped into the competitive athlete that I am, and consciously chose I wouldn’t lose the fight – I’d never give up again.

This was all before I knew the How!

The mindset shift needs to be made before the blueprint is created. This mental decision is an attitude of resiliency and grit – deciding nothing breaks you, regardless of the difficulty.

Getting back up after you’ve been knocked out isn’t about the strength in your legs or core, but instead, how strongly you believe in your vision.

Decide to decide: No matter how excruciating the pain, nothing or no one will break your spirit. You may bend, but NOTHING BREAKS YOU!