“In order to attain the impossible, one must attempt the absurd.”

– Miguel de Cervantes

Those who reach ridiculous levels of success are unafraid to declare it to the world – unafraid of setting themselves up for failure. They dare the public to say they can’t do it, feeding off the doubt, using the hate as fuel.

To reach new heights, and inspire others to do the same, your greatest challenge will always stem internally – worrying about How, doubting When, and fearing Never.


Whenever I find myself doubting my purpose and vision, I watch THIS from my mentor, Eric Thomas. His fire is unmatched. When I asked him about this bold declaration, he said he didn’t remember saying it, proving his convictions run deeper than words – he’s becoming his vision, fearless in his promise.

I challenge you.

I’m not asking you to run up on strangers and declare in their face, you’re going to be the greatest, but I am challenging you to find the courage to announce your vision to friends, family, and mastermind groups.

I know many will say, “Keep quiet. Let your actions speak volumes.”

Yes, your long term day-to-day actions should do the overall talking, but the second you publicly announce your goal of excellence, another type of pressure will be born – you’ll be held to the fire of that announcement.

Your friends and family will hold you accountable, or conversely, try to pull you down if they’re the jealous types.

Reveal it to the world.

When you hold visions inside, it becomes easier to quit on yourself.

Tell someone!

Tell many someones!

Declare your future, guaranteeing massive success. Stand up, not only for yourself, but for the many after you who will be inspired by your boldness. For you, there will be no other option but greatness.