“Nothing changes until you change your intensity.” – Dan Waldschmidt 

Everyone gets the same information, so why you? What drives, pushes, motivates you to do what the majority won’t do with the same info?

Your future greatness isn’t determined by DNA, it’s dictated by your commitment to a focus and intensity most can’t imagine – a willingness to sacrifice easy and comfortable, replacing them with pain and frustration.

Too many only talk about the top of the mountain, without first dedicating their entire soul to the process. If you’re wanting to make a huge impact, it’s not something you do occasionally, the process is who you become.

  • What sacrifices will you make?
  • Will you regularly self-assess?
  • Can you adjust when needed?
  • Are you capable of throwing your ego in the trash?
  • Will you punch doubt in the face when it shows? Because it’s coming!



Everyone’s given the same opportunity, no matter where you were born or how difficult the circumstances.

This opportunity: Raising your personal expectations and striving for more!

The girl born in the inner city has this opportunity.

The boy born in Beverly Hills has this opportunity.

Yes, their specifics will be different – growing up on 8 Mile is a completely different experience than having your chauffeur drive you to school.

But what is the same, is the mindset you CHOOSE to create about your future. The girl trying to survive the challenges of inner city life needs to put in work – the commitment and dedication to work her butt off to escape and pull her family out of that environment.

The Beverly Hills kid needs to put in work – stop being entitled, thinking he’s owed the job because of his family’s last name. He needs to commit himself to blisters, sweat, blood, and tears, knowing his zip code doesn’t entitle him to a thing.

Everyone’s details are different, but one thing has always remained the same throughout history: To reach ridiculous levels of significance, you must bleed pints of effort, endure massive pain, lose all excuses, and never freakin quit!